These are paintings I made a couple of years ago as I was just getting used to New York. The subway fascinated (and still fascinates) me. I was asked to put a show of work together at Splash-light Studios when they were still in Hell’s Kitchen and the result was Chaos Maps.

Here’s the official description:

“Sometimes a daily occurrence, sometimes a dreaded grind, and sometimes a brief respite from the above-ground nation, a quick slash of a charged card provides admission to a system of transit boasting more than 842 miles of track. Over approximately one and a half years of interacting with these transportational devices-observing, sketching, and testing the chaos ratio of my daily commute–this labyrinth of chortling steel and electricity revealed a myriad array of maps. Some of these are visible, while some ar implied or interpreted.

Although it is unlikely you will see any of these "maps” on your ride through paradise, it is the intent of the work to convey a certain methodology inherent to the journey. Whether it is two blocks, a 16 minute nap, or possibly some sort of nexus to another dimension, let the lines and composition slip into your unconscious so that the next time your stop approaches you have something to gaze upon in the meantime.

Also included next to each work is a combination of words entitled – Expository Numens – from your co-conductor for this ride: Mr. Matt Reeck. Matt is a working poet residing in Brooklyn who also teaches English at Brooklyn College.

These are my maps and my interpretation of an approximate 617 hours logged on the F, A, and various lines of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s network of steel and chaos."

-Dan Wonderly

  • For paintings
  • Type oil paintings, chaos, canvas, NYC, subways

Chaos Map 09 • 48 x 48" oil on canvas

Chaos Map 06 • 8 x 48" oil on canvas
• NUMEN 1 •
what you have is in it yes 13 algebraic equations -
lemongrass missiles now standard here -
flag flag oblongata -
Matt Reeck

Chaos Map 01 • 8 x 8" oil on canvas
• NUMEN 4 •
the help they gave to reach there -
anecdotes train giraffes -
the phone rings it’s me she says your mother -
Matt Reeck

Chaos Map 02 • 8 x 8" oil on canvas
• NUMEN 3 •
myth of the refuge ship (sail) -
myth of the sea (Machiavelli loved checkers) -
for every buoyant hope a single crabgrass island -
Matt Reeck

Chaos Map 03 • 8 x 8" oil on canvas
• NUMEN 2 •
crypto-Brillo my middle name -
what happens into a paint-can -
paint-can of deciduous spiders -
Matt Reeck

Chaos Map 04 • 8 x 8" oil on canvas
• NUMEN 7 •
heavy ferment of grapes & bones -
luckless night-time voting -
the thing replaces the other thing Anasazi live today -
Matt Reeck

Chaos Map 05 • 8 x 8" oil on canvas
• NUMEN 6 •
category category faith -
by the waterfall naked bathers -
within this hemisphere a doctor or oracular fissure -
Matt Reeck

Chaos Map 07 • 8 x 48" oil on canvas
• NUMEN 5 •
they liked that one “interlocutor” -
as though the walls were or were hollow -
likewise an electric box that buzzes -
Matt Reeck

Chaos Map 08 • 48 x 48" oil on canvas
• NUMEN 8 •
I like motion arugula & pears -
the picnic deteriorates into frisbee -
for publicity photos a wolf with silver dining -
Matt Reeck